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Zilia Technologies, a leader in the Brazilian market for semiconductor memory components, memory modules, and solid-state storage devices (SSDs), has been heavily investing in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in recent years. This commitment has culminated in the approval of its NB-IoT module by TIM, one of Brazil’s largest mobile operators. This milestone is crucial for expanding and effectively applying the company’s IoT solutions, opening up new possibilities in both national and international markets.

The approval of the NB-IoT module by TIM not only reaffirms the quality and reliability of Zilia Technologies’ developments but also ensures an unprecedented scope for applications within Brazilian metropolitan areas covered by TIM. This enables IoT devices equipped with Zilia Technologies’ NB-IoT modules to leverage an established network that supports a high number of simultaneous connections, even in challenging environments.

The NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) technology is ideal for various applications that require regular data readings and low energy consumption. Zilia Technologies’ NB-IoT module, featuring the same dimensions and connections as the previously marketed LoRaWAN module, allows for straightforward and quick technology swaps without demanding new product developments by clients.

Application examples of Zilia’s NB-IoT modules include monitoring critical infrastructures such as water and gas meters, where the technology facilitates efficient and reliable communications without frequent maintenance. Another application is asset tracking, where NB-IoT’s ability to penetrate enclosed spaces and its energy efficiency enhance the management and security of goods across multiple industries.

NB-IoT is a wireless communication technology specifically designed for IoT, offering significant benefits in signal reach and penetration, even under adverse conditions. Additionally, Zilia Technologies enables the integration of the NB-IoT module with other technologies like LoRaWAN and Wi-Fi to create more robust and adaptable solutions. This integration meets diverse needs and environments efficiently, maximizing the connectivity and functionality of IoT devices.

Cleber Figueira, Director of Research, Development & Innovation at Zilia, comments on this achievement: “We are thrilled about the approval of our NB-IoT modules by TIM. This not only reinforces our commitment to innovation and project quality but also extends the reach of our IoT solutions to meet the demands of increasingly challenging projects.”

Zilia’s IoT Expertise

Zilia’s proficiency in IoT is evidenced by numerous successful projects, such as an automation system for reading consumption at a water distributor using LoRa technology for energy efficiency, and an innovative hardware development for monitoring street transformers that combines LoRa and Wi-Fi technologies for prescriptive and preventive maintenance. These projects highlight the versatility and capability of Zilia Technologies’ IoT solutions in addressing complex and varied demands. Learn more about our IoT projects in this article.

“The approval by TIM marks the beginning of a promising journey that Zilia is embarking on within the IoT landscape. We are committed to continuing to provide advanced solutions that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. Zilia remains at the forefront of technology, driving innovation and efficiency across all sectors we operate in,” concludes Cleber.